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Government Land Online was founded as a general resource to buying government land throughout the world. Most people don't realize there are hundreds of thousands of properties that are available through various government agencies. Many of these properties are passed on to us for immediate liquidation. Some examples of properties and where they come from are cities, counties, states, bankruptcies, IRS, liens, estates, trusts and more. Government Land Online is the largest company of its kind and the only one in the United States that works closely with these agencies to acquire literally thousands of properties. In most cases we acquire these properties at 10% - 30% of actual retail value. Once acquired these properties are liquidated through our website This enables potential buyers throughout the world to invest in many of these properties. Our investors are made up of mostly just your every day type working people that have a little money set aside to invest in real estate at a 10% - 70% savings. We also cater to large corporate investors. When Government Land Online sells you property there are many benefits to you, the investor.

  • We guarantee free and clear title to every property.
  • Government Land Online prepares all your paperwork to insure an easy, pleasurable and proper transaction. Our total fee is the same for every transaction, only $199 per property. Most companies would charge from $500 - $1,500 for this same service.
  • All properties that we offer are normally at a 30% - 60% savings to you. What this means is you are making a good investment right off, buying land at the right price.
  • You are buying from the most reputable land company in the world with years of experience.

What people say about Government Land Online:

"We were pleased that your staff made the buying process flow so smoothly and with no problems. We'll be back again with our friends for another go!"

"The experience was remarkable. Personally, I found your way of doing business and handling the customers flawless."

"The site provided us with a variety of location options and fantastic prices. I've already bought five properties and I will buy some more. Thank you for providing this opportunity to the public."

"This was our first time going on the Internet and we had a very positive feeling about it. We ended up buying our first piece of land and are very happy with it."

"I enjoyed the Internet and purchased three properties. Even in the short time I felt I built a friendship with all of you. You're very professional. Thank you."

"It was my first land buy on the Internet. I wanted to satisfy my curiosity and get a good land deal. I feel I accomplished both."

"My first Internet land purchase was so exciting I bought two investment lots. My second was just as exciting and I acquired another lot. The paperwork was so quick, everyone was so professional and being an accountant I was thoroughly surprised. I really look forward to receiving your land newsletter."

"I've been a successful buyer in over a dozen transactions. All of them were very satisfactory. I am very satisfied with my purchases. I've never had a better opportunity to buy land at such low prices."

"It was my first Internet buy ever! I learned how things happened and finally got in the order. When I received my order, wow! I was just excited beyond words."

"I am a real estate agent and have been one for 27 years. I have visited other sites and found your company is very professional as well as informative."

"The property that I purchased was an excellent buy. I highly recommend that everyone go to Government Land Online. Thank you for offering these great properties and for your very knowledgeable, friendly staff."

This is only a sampling of our 1000's of satisfied customers. Let us make you one as well.


The Staff of Government Land Online

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